World's Longest Dog Fence

One of the world's longest man made structures is the Australian Dingo Fence. In fact it is also the world's longest fence ever. Stretching across two southeastern Australian states, Queensland and South Australia, the Dingo Fence is 5,614 kilometres long. With the help of flickr, and their members, we have compiled 13 photographs of the World's Longest Dog Fence.

Please note that this "dog fence" is not really made of dogs. If it was, it would take 5,614,000 dingoes standing nose-to-butt to construct this fence. However, other materials were found, as you can see by the photos below...

The Australian Dingo Fence

A Section Of The Dingo Fence

Waratah Fencing Products

The Dingo That Started It All


A Dog Fence Only Works If You Close The Gate

El Fotopakismo

If You Don't Close The Gate There Could Be Trouble


Some Info About The Dog Fence


Quick Facts About The Dingo Fence

  • 5614 kilometres is the total length of the Dingo Fence.
  • 8614 kilometres was the total length of the Dingo Fence up until 1980, where due to repair costs it was shortened to its present length.
  • 26.5 million hectares of sheep and cattle grazing country is what the Dingo Fence protects.
  • 5,614,000 metres of wire mesh, that stands 180 centimetres in height and is a further 30 centimetres underground, was used to build the Dingo Fence.
  • 623,777 wooden and steel posts hold the Dingo Fence together.

The Dog Fence At Sunset


Steel And Wooden Posts Secure The Dog Fence


Dog Fence As Far As The Eye Can See

The total 5614 kilometres of fence spans two Australian states, Queensland and South Australia. As a whole the fence is known as the Dingo Fence, however each of the 4 parts has its own name:
  • 1) Great Barrier Fence or Wild Dog Barrier Fence (Queensland) - 2,500 kilometres
  • 2) Queensland Border Fence (Queensland) - 394 kilometres
  • 3) South Australian Border Fence (South Australia) - 257 kilometres
  • 4) Dog Fence (South Australia) - 2,225 kilometres

Where One Portion Of The Dog Fence Meets Another


Warning - Dog Fence Ahead


A 5 Metre Path On Each Side Of The Fence Is Cleared For Maintenance



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