Graffiti Fences Of The World

Public Nuisance or Modern Art?

If you live in a city, or have visited one, you are probably aware of the ongoing battle with graffiti. It can be found on the side of buildings, trains, cars and everywhere you can imagine, including fences. If you are a homeowner your house may have even been 'tagged'. Many of these so-called taggers are amateur at best and seem to have a destructive vandalizing approach to their graffiti. Like most things in life, we shouldn't let the bad apples ruin it for the true artists. Here are some examples of, dare we say, artistic fence graffiti around the World.

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If you live in Copenhagen, Denmark walking by this wood fence every morning on your way to work may help put a smile on your face.

Local graffiti artists have brightened up this aluminum fence in Australia; do you think it is a public eyesore or a colourful addition to an otherwise boring fence?

Set for demolition, this wooden fence in Brighton Beach, New York may have once been home to a daycare or maybe even a graffiti artist training school. I hear they train them young in New York City.

This fence graffiti picture was taken in the fall of 2008 in Brooklyn, New York. The graffiti was reportedly the work of French graffiti artists Koralie and Fafi.

This privacy fence in Austin, Texas has been tagged by a graffiti artist. I wonder if the homeowner appreciates the colour that it adds to his property?

Here is an example of Christian fence graffiti in San Antonio, Texas. I'm not an expert at reading graffiti artists' signatures or tags, but apparently this artist's name is Jhon and he was there on June 14th.

Here a graffiti artist leaves his tag on a wooden fence in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Fence graffiti isn't all spray paint and tags, as can be seen with this woven graffiti on a chain link fence in Oakland, California.

Check out these other two unique forms of fence graffiti:

Crocheted graffiti adorns this wooden fence post.

My personal favourite is this chain link fence graffiti. I have no idea how the artist accomplished this but it sure looks amazing.

When it comes to graffiti, there is art and there is vandalism. Fence graffiti is definitely not for everyone, some is obviously better than others, and as in everything taste is in the eye of the beholder. So I ask you again, fence graffiti - public nuisance or modern art?


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