Holy crap! It's a toilet fence!

Fences these days can be made from just about any type of material one can imagine. From your traditional wood fence to the more modern chain link fence to those that are made from aluminum, vinyl, metal and wrought iron. But even these modern types of fences have become blasé in the face of what some are dubbing redneck fence design.

Take for example this creative fence:

There's nothing like a good old-fashioned toilet fence. For this homeowner, not only does it add color to their rustic home, but the toilet fence can also be a multi-purpose home improvement project:

  • It keeps prying neighbours out.
  • It reduces unwanted indoor odours.
  • It makes sure visitors can easily find the house.
  • It serves as a great conversation piece.
  • It wards off evil spirits.

Toilet fences are more than just for comic relief; they can also be erected for more practical reasons. Take this real-life toilet fence for example:

This toilet fence borders the first hole at the Lakeview Golf & Country club in Soap Lake, Washington. Artist Rick Froebe is a plumber by trade. He says he erected his toilet fence, complete with scarecrows, to deter golfers from approaching his property. The practical reasoning behind his efforts: if the golfers no longer approach his property, his dogs will no longer bark, which will lead to his neighbours not filing complaints, and the local sheriff's department no longer fining him for his noisy dogs. So...in a round-about way, this is a pet control fence, of sorts.

If you like a good ole fashion protest, check out this toilet fence in Cincinnati, Ohio:

In protest of not being able to put up a 6-foot-high cedar fence in their yard, due to a quirky zoning variance in Anderson Township, Robin Sutton and Allen Lade decorated their property line with a toilet fence made up of 15 toilet planters and dozens of multi-coloured toilet brushes. "It's colourful. It's bright. It's humorous," Says Allen Lade.

Although toilet fences are not for everybody, can you just imagine how different the world would be if a toilet fence had been built instead of, say, the Berlin wall? "Flush you!" the Russians would have simply said to the West.


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